A secluded island paradise, a quick ride away from your resort


Palawan is known for both relaxation and adventure – from its endless blue waters, and coral reefs, to the glorious caves and limestone cliffs – it is truly a paradise for nature seekers and explorers. When visiting El Nido, situated in the northernmost tip of Palawan, you must plan a day trip to Three Coconuts El Nido – A privately owned cove well equipped with all the amenities you may need for a perfect beach day while ensuring a truly unique and exclusive experience.

A boat takes you on a magnificent ride through calm waters to the cove, and once there, you can enjoy the white sands and sunshine. Feeling active? Start the day off by kayaking or paddle boarding to some of El Nido’s impressive structures. For those that prefer relaxation, you could indulge in your current read, lying in one of the locally handcrafted day beds while snacking on Filipino treats. You can also take a dip in the ocean, and be one with the fish as you snorkel through the coral.

As for me, I was on honeymoon mode so though I did all those things, I also just wanted to spend time with my husband. We enjoyed a quiet day and feasted on the delicious lunch they prepared – an assortment of grilled seafood and pork belly, lovely vegetables and fresh fruit, and of course, rice – plush a few refreshing gin & tonics.

Most of the day was gorgeous and sunny, but even in the hour that it rained, it was lovely, and completely peaceful. Three Coconuts El Nido comes highly recommended. Check them out on instagram – @three.coconuts.elnido!