A few months ago I was fortunate enough to meet someone online who would change my life. I got a message from Tanya Aguila, introducing me to pilates and the ONELIFE Studio, with an invitation to try it out. I had always been curious about pilates. In the past, I had attended exercise classes like yoga, zumba, and even pole dancing, and made it a point to go to the gym a few days a week. I knew that trying a new class would be an interesting change, and I was up for the challenge. So we scheduled an appointment straight away.

Your first day at ONELIFE is an initial assessment and aligning of your goals. They take your weight, and measure your body fat, while testing your flexibility and endurance. With that, the coaches come up with a program that is just right for you. From this first step alone, I knew this class would be a very personal experience, unique to my needs and hopes when it came to physical fitness – a welcome change to past exercise classes in which I was usually following behind, not sure if my form or timing was right.

When it was finally time to begin, I got on the reformer and I felt comfortable and safe. The movements started out easy, but gradually amplified in intensity as the session went on. The coaches go at your pace, and make sure to incorporate proper stretching throughout the duration of the class.

My first day was made even more special by the presence of one of my closest friends, Mika (Lagdameo-Martinez), who had started her pilates journey just a few weeks before. She was so encouraging with me, just as I became with my other close friend Patti (Grandidge-Herrera), who months into my training, started a program of her own. That’s another thing about ONELIFE – it welcomes you into this community of like-minded individuals who value health and wellness through fitness.

It’s been around 10 months since I started this journey and I cannot be more grateful to have been introduced to a workout that makes me feel the way pilates does. I know I am getting stronger physically. I also love being able to do movements I thought I could never do. These sessions have truly become a part of my lifestyle, and the perfect tandem with my cardio exercises. So much so, that I got my husband into it as well. Having been a professional athlete for many years, pilates is the perfect work out which combines proper stretching with strength training. He loves it because of the specific focus on each muscle group, which aids in resistance training and toning.

I urge you to try ONELIFE Studio. From the wonderful coaches to the one-on-one sessions, the inviting interiors, and of course, to the incredible workout – I promise your body will have never felt better, and will thank you for it for a long time to come.

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