Having moved to a summer house during the pandemic, my husband and I no longer have our typical date nights. So when we had a few city errands to run, we decided to dress up a little and try the newly opened Japanese spot Wagyu Studio.

The place itself is not too big, and has intimate booths for small groups. They also have larger dining areas, but are reserved for private engagements. Though there is a minimum per head, the experience and food alike is surely worth the hefty penny (or peso, I should say).

There is no doubt the food was delicious, but worth the price? I am not sure. This would depend on the diner. To me, I enjoyed my evening, and these days, you really cannot put a price on that.

Find Wagyu Studio at 26th street, Taguig, 1630 Metro Manila / 0917 – 1800657 / @wagyustudio