Vask re-opens with a fresh new look, depicting more casual dining but with bites that do not disappoint. Whether you pair these tasty morsels with wine or one of their homegrown spirits mixed into cool cocktails, a meal at The Gallery by Chele promises a good evening.

Note: I highly suggest the Bites Omakaze, where you are presented with 6 small bites, all bursting with flavor, for only 350Php

Our chosen cocktails: GUAVA MOJITO Guava, Tarragon, Homemade Spirits. GIN ‘N HERBS Melon, Elder Flower, Lemon

Pickled Peppers to whet your palate. Homemade taro focaccia.

PURPLE CRACKER Tuna Tartare, Aromatics

BREAKFAST Longganisa, Pickles, Quail Egg. BLACK BLINIS Salmon Roe. Sour Cream. Blood Rice Cake. TOMATO MOCHI Cheese, Basil

MORINGA TOAST Brioche, Bone Marrow, Corn. EMPANADITAS Fish, Green Chili, Emulsion

SOUR RIBS Snake River Farms Wagyu, Onions, Talinum.

Chef Chele Gonzalez presenting the next dish; FIRED! PULPO Octopus, Chicken Jus, Papaya

COCO-NUTS Jackfruit, Pomelo, Kaffir Lime. Assortment of complimentary Chocolate Truffles