On the third installment of Cicchetti’s 4-hands dinner, Chef Kim Suva teams up with celebrated Kapampangan, Chef Sau del Rosario. The menu was a delicious union of classic Italian technique with the rich flavors of Pampanga. From tart fermented Arborio rice, to a duck ravioli swimming in a creamy truffled macadamia kare-kare, and even a Tiramisu combining¬†ube otap, mascarpone, and local mangoes. The entire meal hit the right salty, sweet, and sour notes, creating perfectly well balanced bites.


Seared Ahi Tuna, Buro Arborio, Betel, Trout Caviar

Duck Ravioli, Macadamia Truffled Kare-kare, Parmigiano Romano, Kesong Puti

Sampaguita – Calamansi White Chocolate Ice Drop

Prawn Adlai Risotto, Aligue, Coconut

Beef Braciole, Morcon Sauce, Baby Carrots, Broccolini

Guimaras Mango, Ube Otap, Pandan Mascarpone, Malagos Chocolate