The Unspoken Side Effects of Covid19

It has been 4 months since I have written. In a time where it seems as though all we have is ‘time,’ you would think I would have had more to say. But if I’m being honest, waking up at 3am on many days with a racing mind and a pounding heart has not been easy. And I...
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The Divide

Today it was announced that the lockdown would extend until April 30. What began as a 14-day quarantine on the 15th of March is now going to go on for at least another month. I believe that this will be beneficial for the betterment of the country, though I realize...
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Women’s Month

Women’s Month 2020   To kick off Women’s Month I wrote a reflective post on Instagram: “Reflections as we begin women’s month - I try to surround myself with women who are genuine, supportive, and real. This is why I try to keep a safe distance from those that...
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Fast Food Favorites

You know how social media’s algorithm is based on posts you frequently ‘like,’ or tend to gravitate to? Well, my social media feeds have a steady flow of food-related updates - from tantalizing photographs of crave-worthy plates, to easy-to-follow recipes, cooking...
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Farewell and F***k You 2019

I sit and write this as I am looking out at the beautifully lit San Francisco skyline. You would think I had a different outlook on the year that has been. Don’t get me wrong – there is much to be grateful for. If anything this year has reminded me of how blessed I...
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Fast Food Favorites

Fast Food Favorites

You know how social media’s algorithm is based on posts you frequently ‘like,’ or tend to gravitate to? Well, my social media feeds have a steady flow of food-related updates – from tantalizing photographs of crave-worthy plates, to easy-to-follow recipes, cooking demos and fun food reviews that all but leave me drooling.

Right now, it’s late at night, I am currently PMS-ing, and in my life that just means I want to bite into anything and everything. The Lays potato chips sitting a few feet away with a heaping dollop of the sour cream I have downstairs. An ensaimada – the same one I had 2 weeks ago that was buttery and rich and sweet and salty. Tacos. The Pancakehouse ones. Or no maybe the soft kind that you can find in Taco Bell… or do I want a donut instead?

I am getting carried away.

Hence this post. Instead of giving into my cravings, I will share my top 5 Fast Food favorites. When I do allow myself to indulge – and I realize ‘indulge’ may be the wrong term as I am about to share with you my cheap eats – so instead let’s say when I really want to treat my taste buds and be a little bit naughty, these are my go-to orders. Whether sitting quietly in a packed chain, or in my bed late at night while my husband is asleep beside me (and yes I am usually alone when I do this – consider it my “me” time), I cannot deny the feeling of utter bliss these moments bring me. Mababaw and kaligayahan is the only way to describe it.

Note: All the following images were taken from the companies’ IG pages

Jollibee Regular Yum + Chicken Joy + Spaghetti

Army Navy Cheese Quesadilla + Freedom Fries + Crunchy Taco + Iced Tea

Shake Shack Shack Burger + Cheese Fries

KFC Zinger + Original Recipe Chicken

Mcdonalds Hot Fudge Sunday + Seasonal Twister Fries

BONUS because it is really bad but I am obsessed with the combo Turks Beef Doner (no cheese, no onion) + Potato Corner BBQ Fries! Yummmmmm!

Hi, I’m Georgia!

Welcome to my online platform. I am a writer who began blogging in 2012, and since then my mission has been to create content that is relatable to the everyday woman. As my life progressed and my family grew, what began as a passion project that centered around food has expanded into a space that talks about motherhood, homemaking, travel and lifestyle. Learn more in the About Me page and follow me on Instagram at @sweetestgeorgiapeach.


Masungi Georeserve with TUMI & Waves for Water

I have been working with TUMI for a few years now. Asides from being a brand that I trust with products that I love, the local team behind TUMI Philippines is a group of exemplary individuals. Asides from the degree of professionalism I have witnessed, they are kind...

Wonder Women

Being the month of May, Philippine Tatler and Rustans the Beauty Source recently teamed up to honor mothers everywhere. While this is a project I would’ve supported no matter what, I felt incredibly humbled to have been selected as one of the mothers asked to share...

Women and Power

It seems like everyone is disappointed with the outcome of this week’s elections. Instead of an opinion, I will share a hope - I will try to stay positive and truly hope that those that came out victorious understand that their positions are not for themselves but for...

A Hearty Lunch

Growing up, we were fed a lot of Spanish dishes at home. Not so much the tapas, but the hearty bean stews such as Lentejas, Pote Gallego, and one of my favorites, Fabada Asturiana. I think because all dishes are one-pot, and cover a lot of the food groups, they make a...

Ciao Bella

One of Manila’s most well known ready-to-wear designers has just launched her summer collection. And even if said designer is one of my closest friends, I say this without any biases – it’s gorgeous. Fun, flirty, and exuding femininity, Rosanna Ocampo – Rodriguez’...

Summer Dips: Salsa & Guacamole

The summer has been stifling, so snacks for the family need to be refreshing and light. Sharing my home recipe for an easy salsa and guacamole - best served refrigerated. This is a great make ahead option for the kids lunches, as well as for when you are entertaining....