La Prairie White Caviar Collection

La Prairie White Caviar Collection

What’s more luxurious than caviar? Caviar that has been formulated by a trusted Swiss beauty brand of course. La Prairie introduces the White Caviar Collection which helps brighten your skin and enhance its natural glow.

We were treated to an afternoon of unlocking your skin’s brightness over canapés and champagne. Between catching up and conversations about beauty, the team of La Prairie shared a few scientific elements behind skin discoloration and why your complexion can sometimes look dull.

My immediate concern with the product was if it contained a whitening agent because I steer clear of those – I like my morena complexion. Thankfully, brightening has nothing to do with whitening. No matter what your skin color is, there are underlying tones caused by varying factors. There are red tones sometimes caused by acne or skin allergies, brown tones caused by sun damage, grey tones that can come from aging, and even yellow tones from discoloration. What La Prairie’s White Caviar collection does is even out your skin to diminish these imperfections.

There are 6 products – the White Caviar Illumination Clarifying Lotion, which can be placed after cleansing, followed by the White Caviar Illuminating Eye Serum, which helps eliminate dark circles. The White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion targets the 3 chromatic light barriers – age spots, redness, and grayness, best used before the White Caviar Illumination Serum, the White Caviar Illuminating Eye Cream, and finally, my favorite product, the White Caviar Creme Extraordinaire – a face cream which strongly fights hyper-pigmentation and age spots. All products can be used in the morning, or as a nighttime ritual. I’ve used La Prairie’s other products in the past, and I am excited to sample this one!

Gaining Weight in Travel – The Calories, The Steps, The Pounds, The Lowdown

Gaining Weight in Travel – The Calories, The Steps, The Pounds, The Lowdown

Keeping fit is already a daily struggle for many, but maintaining your weight and exercise routine while on vacation is close to impossible. At least it is for me, who really just sticks to the basics when it comes to fitness. In fact, I really enjoy my food, and my destinations are oftentimes planned with regard to the exciting meals I get to have. So if there is one thing that is a certainty when I go on a trip – it’s that there will be weight gain. Actually, I don’t mind putting on a few extra pounds – I am more concerned about not going over the edge that it becomes too difficult to slim down to size after the vacation is over. The key is not to hit the point of no return, which is what this post might help you with. I will give you my personal tips on how to manage the weight gain.


I can promise you this, when on vacation I do not hold back from anything – If I am hungry and I want something, I’ll have it. Many days I have 2-3 desserts, an abundance of carbs, and everything in between. That being said, I do diet beforehand, which brings me to my first tip:


– For the 2-3 weeks leading up to a trip I remove 3 things from my diet: ALCOHOL; ANY SUGARY BEVERAGE; DESSERT. This slims you down almost immediately. Asides from this, I stick to my Intermittent Fasting. A strict combination of both tactics along with increasing your exercise (I go from 35 minutes 3 days a week to 45 minutes 5 days a week) will ensure weight loss, allowing you to put on a few guiltlessly when the time comes.


– I try to fast when I am on the plane. If you are going on a long haul flight, there are 2 meals – pick one you would prefer to eat. This works well especially for evening flights. If you take off at passed 9pm, that is well passed the time you have dinner regularly so best to skip that meal and eat the breakfast meal.


Now that you’ve made it to your vacation, I have a few more tips to share for maximum enjoyment with minimal effort:


– If there is one thing that I try to do regardless of where I am in the world, it is to ONLY EAT WHEN I AM HUNGRY. I will never force myself to have a meal. If you are worried about being social, it is ok to sit in the table and have a drink, or order something small. Just remember it is your body, and you should always do what feels right.


– If there is an option to walk rather than ride somewhere, take it. Many times, my body doesn’t even look for a work out because I am getting 14,000 – 20,000 steps a day, rather than my regular 6,000 – 8,000.


– My last tip is simple – eat whatever you want. Enjoy to your heart’s content. But NEVER forget to include vegetables to every meal. This is the most delicious way to aid in proper digestion. It’s really easy – add spinach to your morning omelette, or artichoke to your pizza. Having a steak? Get the fries AND a salad.

Gingham is Here to Stay

Gingham is Here to Stay

I’ve always been a fan of Gingham. It can translates well as officewear and can easily be dressed up for something a little more formal, or dressed down for sophisticated streetwear or an outdoor casual look. This little pink number is the exact sort of Gingham that I am drawn to – flirty and feminine, hugging the body in all the right places. Who would’ve thought blush pink would look so good on this trend? Come to think of it, who could think it wouldn’t?

Pink Gingham dress by STYLESTAPLE. Drop earrings by BAUBLEBAR. Haircare by L’OREAL and KERASTASE Manila.

The Motivation Station

The Motivation Station

Fitness has always been a struggle for me. Notice my choice of words – I used fitness – not weight loss, or gaining muscle mass or working on that post baby body. You see, all of those things come relatively easy for me. I can lose weight quite quickly. Consider it the years of posing in front of a camera, pre-photoshop, that taught me how to trim down in a matter of days. And muscles – I never really cared for – I play a few sessions of tennis and my arms would be noticeably more toned. My four pregnancies may have expanded my hips, but my waist remained the same, which gave me even more of an hourglass, allowing those around to consider my svelte figure pretty sexy. And yes, breastfeeding always made me lose weight. A consolidated four years of it kept me quite slim over the past 15 years.

Though this might make me seem lucky, and cause many eyes to roll at my majestic gene pool, the truth is, I was never really very healthy, and FIT was not among the list of adjectives that could be used to describe me. I could barely walk a kilometer without getting tired, and I definitely could not climb a mountain or even carry my babies for too long.

One day, I read an article on the term ‘skinny-fat,’ and as I delved deeper into the piece, I realized that I had I ticked every box on the list. It spoke about how unhealthy and dangerous my lifestyle really was of eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and not exercising. Even though I ate a well balanced diet – a lot of home cooked meals (and I am quite fond of vegetables) – I ate a lot of it and I also constantly gave into junk food and sweets because, well I was thin, and thought “I can afford it.”

Last January, I decided I needed to make some real changes to my lifestyle. Even though I don’t really believe in New Years resolutions, I knew that I was right smack in the middle of my mid 30’s and if I didn’t start now, I might miss the boat. So with the mindset of not wanting to set any strict promises or rules I wouldn’t be able to stick to, I made small decisions everyday to make better choices.

The first was that I chose to be active, for even just 20 minutes a day. With that, I began going to the gym inside our village. What might seem small for most, was just right for me as it had everything I needed – a treadmill, weights, and a few key machines. Asides from that, it has a direct view to the park, where my children oftentimes play. What started out as just brisk walking has turned into brisk walks with running intervals, and even my weights have gotten heavier through the months. I still stick to a 30 minute routine (that’s all that this mother of 4 can commit to on a daily basis) but sometimes, I mix it up – doing hour long classes when I have the luxury of time such as a dance class, yoga, or even a tennis rally.

Something that has really helped motivate me is wearing a fitbit. I have a small goal of 7000 steps a day, which I really try to accomplish. Checking my progress excites me and really pushes me to keep moving.

Another conscious choice I make everyday is the food I eat. From better choices when I am dining out, to sampling healthier recipes when I cook at home. I also try to stick to only water, treating myself to the occasional cocktail or glass of wine when out with my husband or friends. Of course, I still give in to my cravings and treat myself, but now I don’t feel so guilty because that is the exception rather than the rule.

Lastly, and this may sound cliché and ridiculous, but I try to no longer ‘sweat the small stuff’ when it can be helped. When I am less stressed I notice I find so much more time in my day to do things. It might be the reverse effect – wherein I am actually less stressed because I am exercising and maintaining a healthy level of fitness – either way, I am sleeping better and feeling better all around.

Almost half the year has gone by, and to be honest, I can’t believe I have managed to keep up this new found love for staying in shape, but I am so glad I have, and it seems like it is here to stay.


Weekends Away

Weekends Away

My family usually likes to spend weekends outdoors, where the girls can run free. Outfit choices are usually simple, allowing me to chase after them in mornings that fade into the afternoons, filled with play and laughter. With that in mind, I also select pieces that are not only easy to wear, but lovely as well as this is when I am able to spend the most time with my husband. I love looks that are functional-feminine, not forgetting to add a touch of frill.

Blue and white striped button down top DEBENHAMS. White linen drawstring shorts DEBENHAMS. Gold pineapple earrings WYNN WYNN ONG. White slip on sneakers BENSIMON. Batik tote made by local artisans in Zamboanga.

Summer Sundays

Summer Sundays

Sundays in Manila are usually slow and steady, with its residents happy for the break from traffic. My typical Sunday involves a beautiful brunch, a trip to the church, and a visit to my parents’ home a little outside of the city. Outfits are easy, and pretty, allowing movement but not losing that air of femininity.

White tie-up tube STYLESTAPLE. Blue Polka dot skirt STYLE STAPLE. Tan light leather monogrammed bag CUSTOMGRAIN_OFFICIAL. Red and gold tassel drop earrings LILY JEWELRY.