The Tatler Dining Guide 2022

The Tatler Dining Guide 2022

I was so honored to be a part of the team behind the 2022 Philippine tatler Dining Guide. Being someone who has always been passionate about food, I found reviewing restaurants to be an avenue for my creativity. Sometimes it was for publications, other times to post on the this blog.

Here are the other foodies across the metro – it feels nice to be in such good company!

Wagyu Studio

Wagyu Studio

Having moved to a summer house during the pandemic, my husband and I no longer have our typical date nights. So when we had a few city errands to run, we decided to dress up a little and try the newly opened Japanese spot Wagyu Studio.

The place itself is not too big, and has intimate booths for small groups. They also have larger dining areas, but are reserved for private engagements. Though there is a minimum per head, the experience and food alike is surely worth the hefty penny (or peso, I should say).

There is no doubt the food was delicious, but worth the price? I am not sure. This would depend on the diner. To me, I enjoyed my evening, and these days, you really cannot put a price on that.

Find Wagyu Studio at 26th street, Taguig, 1630 Metro Manila / 0917 – 1800657 / @wagyustudio

Fast Food Favorites

Fast Food Favorites

You know how social media’s algorithm is based on posts you frequently ‘like,’ or tend to gravitate to? Well, my social media feeds have a steady flow of food-related updates – from tantalizing photographs of crave-worthy plates, to easy-to-follow recipes, cooking demos and fun food reviews that all but leave me drooling.

Right now, it’s late at night, I am currently PMS-ing, and in my life that just means I want to bite into anything and everything. The Lays potato chips sitting a few feet away with a heaping dollop of the sour cream I have downstairs. An ensaimada – the same one I had 2 weeks ago that was buttery and rich and sweet and salty. Tacos. The Pancakehouse ones. Or no maybe the soft kind that you can find in Taco Bell… or do I want a donut instead?

I am getting carried away.

Hence this post. Instead of giving into my cravings, I will share my top 5 Fast Food favorites. When I do allow myself to indulge – and I realize ‘indulge’ may be the wrong term as I am about to share with you my cheap eats – so instead let’s say when I really want to treat my taste buds and be a little bit naughty, these are my go-to orders. Whether sitting quietly in a packed chain, or in my bed late at night while my husband is asleep beside me (and yes I am usually alone when I do this – consider it my “me” time), I cannot deny the feeling of utter bliss these moments bring me. Mababaw and kaligayahan is the only way to describe it.

Note: All the following images were taken from the companies’ IG pages

Jollibee Regular Yum + Chicken Joy + Spaghetti

Army Navy Cheese Quesadilla + Freedom Fries + Crunchy Taco + Iced Tea

Shake Shack Shack Burger + Cheese Fries

KFC Zinger + Original Recipe Chicken

Mcdonalds Hot Fudge Sunday + Seasonal Twister Fries

BONUS because it is really bad but I am obsessed with the combo Turks Beef Doner (no cheese, no onion) + Potato Corner BBQ Fries! Yummmmmm!

Savagely Good Dining Experience with American Express

Savagely Good Dining Experience with American Express

In the last decade or so, Manila has become a hub for local foodies – from chefs to restaurateurs, critics, home cooks, and every epicurious individual in between. The restaurant scene has elevated, with delicious options that cross cultures, making use of both local and imported ingredients alike. Whether you are looking for an organic farm-to-table spot, or something with a sophisticated flair that specializes in gastronomic cuisine – you will surely have a slew of places to choose from.


And because of this, American Express has partnered with four of Manila’s most esteemed chefs to allow Cardmembers to ‘taste the experience’ with #AMEXFORFOODIES.  Being a loyal American Express Cardmember myself, I was excited to know that I could use my card in some of my favorite local restaurants to get complimentary treats!


My first stop in the #AMEXFORFOODIES dining experience was at Chef Josh Boutwood’s ‘Savage.’ I have followed his career closely because I was given the opportunity to do a piece on him back when he was new to the Manila food scene. Savage definitely did not disappoint. From our refreshing starters of Fresh Carabao Cheese with heirloom tomatoes and Beef Carpaccio, along with an order of my favorite—the sinfully rich, yet surprisingly light Deviled Eggs (We got an extra serving* of this crowd pleaser, thanks to my American Express Credit Card!), to the superb mains—perfectly cooked Grilled Octopus, tasty Ribeye with charred onions, and Pork Belly—paired with their famous Savage Rice and excellent Grilled Corn—my friends and I were very happy. We ended on a sweet note, having the Sticky Toffee Pudding, generously topped with vanilla ice cream.

I had a wonderful experience and look forward to using my American Express Credit Card at other #AMEXFORFOODIES partner restaurants of Chefs Robby Goco, Miko Aspiras and Chele Gonzalez. Do catch these one of a kind dining experiences, courtesy of American Express so that you too can taste the experience with #AMEXFORFOODIES.


If you want to know more about #AMEXFORFOODIES, just visit


*For every two main entrees ordered. Minimum of two (2) dining patrons.



Savage is one of those go -to restaurants I frequent. Sharing some of my favorite dishes – Tuna Tartar (ginger, wasabi, cilantro, tamari and onion), Deviled Eggs, Grilled ½ Chicken (holy basil, pickled radish), Pulpo or Octopus (fresh shiso, sesame and calamansi),  Eggplant (avar and pickled mustard leaf) and the excellent Grilled Corn (harrisa and aioli).

Chef Sau x Cicchetti

Chef Sau x Cicchetti

On the third installment of Cicchetti’s 4-hands dinner, Chef Kim Suva teams up with celebrated Kapampangan, Chef Sau del Rosario. The menu was a delicious union of classic Italian technique with the rich flavors of Pampanga. From tart fermented Arborio rice, to a duck ravioli swimming in a creamy truffled macadamia kare-kare, and even a Tiramisu combining ube otap, mascarpone, and local mangoes. The entire meal hit the right salty, sweet, and sour notes, creating perfectly well balanced bites.


Seared Ahi Tuna, Buro Arborio, Betel, Trout Caviar

Duck Ravioli, Macadamia Truffled Kare-kare, Parmigiano Romano, Kesong Puti

Sampaguita – Calamansi White Chocolate Ice Drop

Prawn Adlai Risotto, Aligue, Coconut

Beef Braciole, Morcon Sauce, Baby Carrots, Broccolini

Guimaras Mango, Ube Otap, Pandan Mascarpone, Malagos Chocolate